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Best Halloween costume yet? Rocket Raccoon outfit made by Mom Goes Viral 2015

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This is the amazing Halloween costume created by a mother for her son which has even been praised by a Hollywood director.
Christina Borchardt spent weeks making her son Chase a costume based on Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Borchardt, from Three Rivers, California, posted photographs and videos of her amazing creation on Facebook, which even attracted the attentions of the film's director James Gunn.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show-Hot Patootie-Bless my soul

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No one uploaded this scene onto Youtube yet, or at least not the scene itself. So I figured i'd do so. Enjoy!
Note:Like the Mystery Men video I just recently uploaded this video was recorded off of another website. This time being from a website called New York Magizine.
Note:I use to never understood why Eddie was killed off by just an ice-pick. I figured he'd be much more of a fighter and that a chainsaw or a shotgun would have been a more believible way for Dr.Frank-N-Furter to kill him off. Most people(the comments that were posted in response to my question) say that Eddies more of a lover than a fighter and that half his brain is frozen. In that case I guess it counts as an explaination.

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Kids Costume Runway Show Power Rangers Superheroes Disney Marvel Dress Up Fun Ckn Toys

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Hi guys, as you know we love dressing up as superheroes so today we are going to do a KIDS COSTUME RUNWAY SHOW with all our favorite superheroes costume.We also have many kids Disney costume,Marvel Avengers costumes, Power Rangers costume and many more.
We hope you enjoy this kids costume runway show .
Costume included in this video are Superman,Paw Patrols,PJ Masks Catboy,Batman,Hulk,Iron Man,Spiderman,Red Power Rangers Samurai,Buzz Lightyear,Ash Ketchum Pokemon,PJ Masks Gekko,Captain America,Red Ranger Megaforce,Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Spyro,Policeman,Fireman,Silver Ranger Super Megaforce,Ben 10,Blue Dino Charge Ranger,Minion,Blue Ranger Samurai,Magician,Miles From Tomorrowland,Kion Lion Guard and Race Car Driver.

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