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Halloween 2018

Hexe halloween Kostüm uk

Nebelschwaden, schummriges Licht und unheimliches Geräusche: Am 31. Oktober 2018 feierten rund 4700 Besucher Halloween in der ZOOM Erlebniswelt. In der Erlebniswelt Asien und in Teilen der Erlebniswelt Alaska schlichen Vampire, Hexen und Monster übers Gelände. Und die ZOOM Erlebniswelt zeigte sich von ihrer schaurig schönen Seite!

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Disney Inspired Witch MakeUp For Halloween | Shonagh Scott | ShowMe MakeUp

Hexe halloween Kostüm uk

Witches are such a huge part of halloween, and my favourite are Disney witches!
From the 'Evil Queen' in 'Snow White' to the beggar woman in 'Beauty & The Beast', they have a characteristic whereby they start-off or change into a sinister old witchy woman at some point in the film.
I wanted to created a character that looked like an old woman but still resembled a witch - typical of a Disney Villain!
I was really pleased with the media I used to create this makeup look as it enabled me to captured the essence of a 'drawn' looking old woman as opposed to a realistic old lady.
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Kryolan Kajal Pencils - Brown & Highlight (Cream)
Matte Black Eyeshadow - Black Bear - Louise Young Essential Eyes
Matte Brown Eyeshadow - PomPom - Louise Young Essential Eyes
Bone Eyeshadow - Ting - Louise Young Essential Eyes
Here is a link to the wig I used in the tutorial
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Wicked Witch of the West; Halloween makeup tutorial.

Hexe halloween Kostüm uk

Shiseido Hydro Power Cream EyeShadow; H7 Green Exotique
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