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ELVIRA - 2 Big Pumpkins Official Music Video

elvira ' s halloween Musik

Elvira's "2 Big Pumpkins" 7" single is available here:
As the Shaggs so wonderfully sang "It's Halloween! It's Halloween!" We are beguiled to bring you two new original recordings from Elvira™ Mistress of the Dark. With two songs written by the otherworldly Fred Schneider (of the B-52s!), both "2 Big Pumpkins" and "13 Nights of Halloween" brim with fun double-entendres, campy cackling, devilishly danceable beats and so much more. If that weren't enough, the cover art for the single is printed with heat-reactive ink. So while Elvira may appear to be only a dark silhouette, once things heat up you'll definitely get a delightful eyeful. And did we mention pugnacious purple vinyl? I think we just did.

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